Monday, March 30, 2009

Does this argument make any sense?

Jessica at Feministing posts a video of Feminists for Life speaker and former “card carrying member of NARAL” Karen Shablin and argues that Shablin is underestimating women because she thinks abortion is misguided.
Frankly, it seems like it's Shablin herself who underestimates women: she calls the decision to have an abortion "misguided," and conflates her own beliefs with all women's.
Now this puts Jessica’s argument in a rather precarious position. If claiming a woman’s belief on an issue is misguided means that you’re underestimating them then isn’t Jessica underestimating Shablin when she claims Shablin’s views are misguided?

Jessica then shares her opinion on whether prolifers can be feminists.
And that's where the question of 'can a feminist be pro-life' comes in. I believe that women can be personally pro-life and be feminists. I don't think, however, that women who fight to limit other women's reproductive choices are anywhere close to being feminist.
This coming from the person who claims Shablin is "conflating her beliefs with all women's."

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