Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life Links 3/18/09

What's a "personally pro-life" yet radically pro-choice governor to do? The Kansas legislature has passed a bill to amend their informed consent legislation to require abortion providers to allow women considering abortions to view an ultrasound image of their child and hear his or her heartbeat if they want. The bill also requires abortion providers to post a notice that it is illegal to force women to have abortions. The bill is now on Governor (and DHHS Secretary nominee) Kathleen Sebelius' desk. If Kathleen Sebelius vetoes this bill, how will Catholics United and Doug Kmiec defend her?

Speaking of Kmiec, Dan Gilgoff has the first two parts of an e-mail exchange between Kmiec and Robert George regarding Obama position on the creation of cloned human embryos for research. Kmiec wasn't even aware of Obama's position on this issue (even though during the election season his critics noted it numerous times).

In a long piece at the RH Reality Check blog, Jodi Jacobson attempts to argue that the "compromise position" on abortion is the position of the Democratic Party Platform. There are so many other ridiculous assertions in this piece it would a take a week to compile them all.

Seriously, where does RH Reality Check find these people?

Dinesh D'Souza writes in Christianity Today how Peter Singer's views in favor infanticide may make him one of the only intellectually honest atheists.
Why haven't the atheists embraced Peter Singer? I suspect it is because they fear that his unpalatable views will discredit the cause of atheism. What they haven't considered, however, is whether Singer, virtually alone among their numbers, is uncompromisingly working out the implications of living in a truly secular society, one completely purged of Christian and transcendental foundations. In Singer, we may be witnessing someone both horrifying and yet somehow refreshing: an intellectually honest atheist.

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