Monday, March 23, 2009

Life Links 3/23/09

A woman in Florida has been arrested after giving her teenage daughter (who was 6 months pregnant) pills to cause an abortion and then throwing the child in the garbage after the birth.
The daughter told police she gave birth two weeks ago over a toilet. Rainey later said she placed the infant in a bag and dumped the body in the garbage. Rainey said the infant was born dead, but her daughter claimed she saw it breathing.
More information including the judge’s strong reaction here.

Robert George continues the good work of trying to get Doug Kmiec to admit what President Obama’s position on cloning is. Kmiec’s first three answers to George’s questions in the last segment are ridiculous and saddening.

Apparently, the people in charge of an abortion clinic in Maine think signs which read “Choose Life” and “Pray to End Abortion” are “graphic” and “inflammatory.” - HT: 40 Days for Life

Timothy Collins, MD, asks why Obama is opposed implanting cloned human embryos.
Just as the original class of unperson could be destroyed for any reason or no reason at all, this new class can also be destroyed for the supposedly laudable goal of "medical science." Which brings me, at long last, to the original non sequitur of the President's statement. Why is it laudable to destroy embryos for medical research, but not laudable to grow those embryos, or clone those embryos, for other uses? After all, it is hard to imagine a human being more qualified to be an unperson than a fetus cloned in a lab. Yet the President is silent on this conundrum.

The Daily Mirror, an LA Times blog, looks back at the abortion death of a young girl from 50 years ago.
Half a century cannot dull the tragedy.

Her name was Brenda. When they found her lying in the grass outside St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank they guessed she was 21, but she was only 16. A man called to say she was there. He didn't give his name.

In rural Wisconsin, girls may be using prostaglandins for cow breeding to have abortions.

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