Thursday, July 19, 2007

Voting and Photo ID Ruling in Michigan

Governor Granholm is upset the Michigan Supreme Court upheld a 1996 Michigan law which will require voters to show a photo ID at the polls. Other Democrats are mad as well.
"I think there is an effort to make it harder for people to vote, particularly for people who traditionally vote Democratic" Granholm said.
Which people is Granholm referring to? African-Americans? Union workers? Pro-choicers? The deceased? Which group of people has such a hard time getting and showing a photo ID?
"I'm in favor of making it easy to vote," she said. "Let's get every body the ease in ability to vote."
Because showing a photo ID at the polls is such an onerous task and we wouldn't want to make sure that someone is actually the person they're claiming they are before they vote. If making it easy to vote is the goal why should people even have to take the time to go the right precinct? Or wait to make sure their name is on the list of those qualified to vote? Why force people to register to vote? That's a longer process than showing someone an ID, isn't?

The law even allows voters without ID to vote as long as they sign an affidavit.
If the elector does not have an official state identification card, operator's or chauffeur's license as required in this subsection, or other generally recognized picture identification card, the individual shall sign an affidavit to that effect before an election inspector and be allowed to vote as otherwise provided in this act. However, an elector being allowed to vote without the identification required under this subsection is subject to challenge as provided in section 727.
Here is section 727.

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