Thursday, July 12, 2007

Prolifers try to help pregnant women choose life, Planned Parenthood perturbed

Dawn Eden highlights Planned Parenthood's latest ludicrous attack on pregnancy centers. If Robbinsdale Women's Center (the pregnancy center) was really trying to fool women then why is it fairly obvious that they don't provide abortions on their web site? How are the women who come to Robbinsdale Clinic for abortions fooled when it seems clear that the abortion clinic would tell anyone who scheduled an appointment about how they shouldn't go to the pregnancy center across the street. The main page of their web site even says,
" We are NOT AFFILIATED WITH Robbinsdale Women's Center which is an organization not supportive of a woman's right to choose abortion. This organization's close location and use of a similar name to ours, sometimes causes confusion for our patients and referral sources."

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