Thursday, July 19, 2007

Life Links 7/19/07

Joe Carter: Breaking the 12th Commandment: Fred Thompson and the "Abortion Lobbyist" Story and here's an article in the New York Times about the billing records.

The 2006 Michigan abortion statistics have been released.
A total of 25,636 induced abortions were reported in Michigan in 2006, which was an 1.7 percent increase from the total of 25,209 reported in 2005 and a 47.8 percent decrease since 1987 (the year with the largest number of induced abortions).
Statistics also show the Black women received 39.9% of the state's abortions, 2 children showed evidence of life after being aborted, and 86.8% of women having abortion weren't married.

Canadian researchers have been awarded a $2.4 million dollar grant from The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada to continue their work using stem cells from bone marrow to treat multiple sclerosis.
"First, we purify and freeze the patient's stem cells, then we use strong chemotherapy to destroy their existing immune system," he said. "We then transplant the purified stem cells back into the patient.

The Most Ridiculously Broad Statement of the Week Award goes to abortionist and Daily Kos diarist William Harrison for this gem:
Abortion had always been the major method of controlling childbirth in every society (he's seems to be speaking about pre-Industrial Revolution societies) ever known.
Yeah, because we know of no cultures who used abstinence (or other methods) as the major way to control birth.

Second place goes to Cristina Page at the RH Reality Check blog for this:
This is the unacknowledged fact that should be acknowledged before the election: its pro-choice policies that result in dramatic declines in the need for abortion.
Cristina fails to provide any evidence for this "factual" statement and can never seem to explain why states with the highest abortion rates (New York and California) are states rated very highly by NARAL while states with lower abortion rates (Kentucky, South Dakota, etc.) are often rated very poorly by NARAL. She also never talks about how providing tax dollars for abortions (a key pro-choice goal) will lower the "need" (I thought abortion was a "choice") for abortion. But remember according to Cristina,
"Pro-choice candidates should hold pro-life groups and leaders accountable for their failure to find solutions to the high rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion."
Because, of course, failing to cure these problems (why is a high abortion rate a problem for pro-choice organizations, again?) is the fault of prolifers. Prolifers are the ones who have kept the abortion rate in New York at around 30 while wholly pro-choice policies have put South Dakota's abortion rate for residents at 6. And we all know that prolifers are the ones whose policies have been implemented in New York City where the abortion ratio for NYC residents is more than 700 abortions for every 1,000 live births. Oh wait - that's not right.

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