Friday, July 06, 2007

Life Links 7/6/07

Wesley Smith on human exceptionalism.
Demolishing our self-perception as a uniquely valuable species would have very grave consequences, given that human exceptionalism is both the philosophical underpinning for human rights and the basis of our unique self-imposed duties to each other, posterity, and the natural world.

An Australian researcher named Catherine Waldby is concerned about how the desire for human eggs used in human cloning experiments might effect women in poor, less developed nations.
One Romanian clinic has bought eggs from really poor women, she says.

"The clinic was paying them about US$200 a procedure, which is about two months' salary for these women."

One study found some women were repeatedly selling their eggs to pay for rent, clothes and even cigarettes, says Waldby.

The patent rubble around embryonic stem cells and their procurement is now involving more stem cell researchers.

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