Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pro-choice blogger smears imaginary prolife organization

Either because of laziness or dishonesty, Jill of Feministe has a post which falsely claims the head of "Virginia Right to Life" supports the actions of people who sent letters containing white powder and threatening notes to Planned Parenthood.
All from extremists, right?
Jill is trying to argue that not all organizations which support violence and threats of violence are shunned by the mainstream prolife movement. Unfortunately for Jill, the article she links to as evidence says,
On the same radio station, Donald Spitz, head of Pro-Life Virginia said he supported the action of the person who had sent the letters.
If Jill had read the article carefully and done 10 seconds of research she could have easily discovered that "Pro-Life Virginia" isn't "Virginia Right to Life" but seemingly just another name for the Army of God, a radical, violence-promoting organization.

If Jill had taken the time to even look up "Virginia Right to Life" she would have discovered that "Virginia Right to Life" isn't even the name of National Right to Life Committee's affiliate for Virginia. NRLC's affiliate is the Virginia Society for Human Life and their president is a woman named Brenda Fastabend. Jill would have also discovered that the Virginia Society for Human Life has a statement against violence.

I've posted a comment on her blog so hopefully she will correct her error and apologize.

UPDATE: Jill has updated her post to correct her errors but I see nothing noting the update or apologizing for her frivolous attack in either the post or in the comments.

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