Friday, July 27, 2007

Life Links 7/27/07

Here's a story on a review of patients from the Indiana University School of Medicine on how chemotherapy and an adult stem cell transplant can successfully treat testicular cancer.
It is rare for the NEJM to carry a retrospective study from a single institution that is not a randomized study. This review looks at the outcome of 184 patients with metastatic testicular cancer. Dr. Einhorn and colleagues demonstrated that the disease is potentially curable with a high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant using cells harvested from the patient before the initial chemotherapy infusion.

These robocalls by Sam Brownback seem to me to be an exceptionally bad strategy. First, doesn't every single person in America hate robo-calls. I know I do - I ‘ve been getting robocalls for more than 3 years because one of my old roommates supposedly owed some money to some company. I delete the message or hang up after three words. Second, I don't think prolife Republicans are chomping at the bit to support a candidate who is smearing other Republicans who have taken prolife positions.

Steve Wagner discusses how some college students "claim that showing a picture of a mutilated fetus violates the rights and dignity of that fetus."

Wesley Smith asks, "Can a Human Non-Person be Molested"

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