Monday, July 30, 2007

Life Links 7/30/07

A woman has been arrested in Maryland after authorities found four children (possibly born prematurely, possibly aborted) at her residence.
Police found the most newly delivered child, a baby boy, in the vanity below a bathroom sink at Christy Freeman's home, according to charging documents. A further search found the corpses of two other babies in a trunk in her bedroom and another in a small recreational vehicle parked in her driveway.
The remains of the children have been sent to the chief medical examiner's office to determine the cause of death.

Britain's National Health Service has paid 27,500 pounds to a woman who claimed one of her children was aborted against her will.
In papers filed with the court, the Princess Alexandra hospital trust admitted that staff failed to counsel Ms Cooper about her pregnancy, failed to refer her to someone who could counsel her appropriately, and went ahead with the abortion without getting confirmation that she consented. The trust, which agreed to the settlement last week, conceded that she had not been seen by the surgeon before the operation despite her obvious concern.

The Detroit News has a story on how some abortion clinics in Michigan are using digoxin to cause "fetal death" and to make sure they aren't breaking the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. Some of the quotes from abortion clinic director Renee Chelian are classic. She somehow thinks because a living unborn child can't be partially-delivered before being killed that means "(t)he fetus is given an equal status as the woman."

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