Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lazy pro-choice bloggers continued

Jill of Feministe is at it again. She lazily claims legislation (H.B. 284) introduced in the Ohio House would ban abortion and has no exceptions for the life of mother. She makes the following assertions based on a single article (which never says the law has no exception for the mother's life).
Except this one is an abortion ban with no exceptions – any abortion, for any reason (including to save the life of the pregnant woman) is a felony.....

How sad that the legislature isn't pro-life enough to push through a bill that will kill women.
I doubt Jill has read the bill in question (it's extremely long) and probably didn't even look it up but if she had taken the time to peruse it (as I did) she might have noticed this section which is a little more than half way down.
(D) Division (A) of this section does not apply to a person who provides medical treatment to a pregnant woman to prevent the death of the pregnant woman and who, as a proximate result of the provision of that medical treatment but without intent to do so, causes the termination of the pregnant woman's pregnancy.
It remains to be seen how many other pro-choice bloggers will follow her lead. I'm guessing someone from Feministing will post something and possibly someone from Pandagon.

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