Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pro-choice intolerance in Canada reaches new low

I guess to some Canadians, college isn't a place where you learn, engage with ideas and debates.  It's a place where you dress up in vagina costumes, interrupt a presentation by an elected official and make fools of yourselves.
An event with MP Stephen Woodworth at the University of Waterloo yesterday was derailed as protestors shouted down the speaker, preventing Mr. Woodworth from continuing his presentation to the students assembled.

“We understand that there are strong opinions when it comes to an issue like abortion,” says Hannah Bailey, President of Waterloo Students for Life, which had organized the presentation. “But we expected better from our peers at the university. Their behaviour was an embarrassment to the entire university community.”
Although campus security was present, they failed to take any kind of action to allow Mr. Woodworth to continue his presentation. When asked to intervene they declined to do so, stating that unless the protesters became violent, they could not step in.

A short video of the protestors is here.

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