Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Links 3/18/13

The lawyer of abortionist Kermit Gosnell is hoping he can convince the jury that the medical standards of West Philadelphia are below the standards of any other place on earth and Gosnell is being prosecuted  for killing infants because authorities are racist.  Good luck with that one Jack.     
Defense attorney Jack McMahon gave the jury a starkly different view of the case, telling the jury that prosecutors are trying to impose "Mayo Clinic" standards on a West Philadelphia clinic that serves the urban poor.

"They're trying to hold him up to the standards of the Mayo Clinic the standards of a West Philadelphia clinic," McMahon said. "If you want Mayo Clinic standards than you go to the Mayo Clinic."
McMahon urged the jury to keep an open mind, saying that, until today, he and Gosnell have been unable to make public a defense because of the judge's gag order on the lawyers and principals.

The evidence will show, McMahon said, that none of the infants that Gosnell is accused of killing were ever born alive.

McMahon argued that all doctors lose patients but that the prosecution is redefining medical complications as murder: "It fits their needs, this elitist, racist prosecution, to make this a homicide."

San Francisco Supervisor David Campos is hoping to expand the city's buffer-zone around abortion clinics.

A city law passed in 1993 created an 8-foot "bubble zone" around anyone who is within 100 feet of a health care facility, but Campos said that has been ineffective. Demonstrators, he said, get around the law by staying in one spot and not approaching clinic visitors.

You know you've hardened your heart on abortion when a woman saying she's had 10 abortions makes you thinks she's empowered.

There are times a client and/or companion is so empowered they instantly gain my admiration.......

The companion and I escorted the client down the sidewalk. We were in a line: E, companion, client and me. E started with "Women regret their abortions. Don't lead her into this place." The companion waved dismissively at him and said, "Oh, I know all about abortion. I have had 10 already."
It was great to witness these two completely ignoring the words meant to hurt and shame them. They are just words. The antis don't know anything about the clients and why they made the decision for abortion. I felt privileged to witness this calm confidence.

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