Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Judgmental abortion clinic escort claims she doesn't make judgements in a post where she makes a judgement

Abortion clinic escort Servalbear has these thoughts about clinic escorts and prolife protesters.

I want to start by stating the obvious: there are wide divisions between antis and escorts in our beliefs. Escorts believe in a person’s choice for abortion. Antis believe no one should choose abortion ever. Escorts believe in not making judgments about people they meet at the clinic. Antis judge everyone on the sidewalk.
 She goes on then to describe a situation regarding a lost glove.
I told the escort I had seen D look at the glove and suggested maybe she picked it up. The escort asked D if she found a glove. The answer was, “No, I didn’t see a glove.” About 5 minutes later, the glove turned up. It was draped on top of the fire hydrant directly in front of the clinic doors.

I cannot prove D placed it there since I didn’t see her do it, but proximity to both sites the glove was draped seem to circumstantially indicate she saw it, picked it up, and then placed it somewhere else we were sure to see.

Then, without any evidence except her assumption that D took the glove or knew where it was decides that D is a liar.

But they believe in not making judgements about people, right?  

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