Monday, January 21, 2013

Life Links 1/21/13

Businessweek profiles Michigan abortion clinic owner Rene Chelian.  While the article seems to try to make Chelian a sympathetic victim of the prolife movement, I think some facts would prevent most readers from seeing Chelian as a poor abortion provider including her 6,500 square foot house, her 2-karat diamond ring which she removes when she goes to Lansing to lobby, and the 200,000+ her and her husband are paid by the clinic,

ABC has an article on a documentary film "After Tiller" which follows 4 abortionists (Warren Hern, LeRoy Carhart, Susan Robinson and Shelley Sella) who commit third-trimester abortions.  Robinson notes that many of the 3rd trimester abortions are performed for completely elective reasons on women who didn't know they were pregnant. 

"Then there's the group of women who didn't know they were pregnant," she said. "They were told they were not pregnant for one reason or another and they are just as desperate. 'I already have three children, my husband just lost his job and I can barely put food on the table. If I add a new baby to this family, we'll all go under.'"

The Crescat discusses her abortion experience.

The glass container was half full and splattered with blood. Even the tube that fed into the container was crusted with blood. What I saw inside the collection container defies belief, little baby parts swimming in a bloody muck. All those graphic photos you've ever seen of tiny dismembered arms and legs are accurate. Only this wasn't just one set of tiny arms and legs… this was more than I could count. This wasn't just one baby that was aborted and some careless worker forget to remove from the room. This looked like all the babies that had been aborted that day. All together in one glass container, swimming in a gruesome soup of blood and bits. They hadn't even bothered to clean the equipment between patients and I suddenly realized they had every intention of using the same filthy equipment on me.

The AP has a long article on the abortion debate 40 years after Roe.

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