Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Katha Pollitt: No pro-choice groups calls for abortion on demand

In her piece on Planned Parenthood's shift away from the "pro-choice" label, Katha Pollitt seems to not understand the movement she supports so strongly.
An "extreme" pro-choice position would be the one pro-lifers falsely claim Roe protects: it would permit abortion on demand up until the day before birth. No pro-choice organization calls for that.
Not one? Are you sure? Because "Abortion on Demand and Without Apology" is slogan used by a variety of pro-choice groups.

At a pro-choice event during the week of Roe's 39th anniversary we read this in the Daily Caller:
After O'Neill's remarks, the pro-choice gathering formed a circle and welcomed participants to explain why they support "abortion on demand and without apology."
The NBC News broadcast from last night features abortion advocates shouting "abortion on demand and without apology" while holding signs reading the same.

Does someone as ingrained in the pro-choice movement as Katha Pollitt really not know what pro-choice groups call for? 

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