Monday, January 07, 2013

Amanda Marcotte proves she has no clue what she's talking about again

The intrepid Amanda Marcotte recently took it upon to comment on a piece of prolife legislation which recently passed in Michigan despite knowing next to nothing about the legislation. Besides, taking information from Al Sharpton's show, Marcotte doesn't have much to say specifically on the legislation except that it's bad. One of her non-Sharpton cribbed complaints is the part of the legislation which governs the disposition of the remains of aborted children. Marcotte writes about the part of the law which prevent the remains of unborn children from being thrown into dumpsters.
Indeed, one of the most surreal aspects of it is the requirement that abortion clinics do all these special things to dispose of quote-unquote fetal remains, even though 79% of abortions do not actually involve a fetus, but are done at the embryonic stage.
If Marcotte had taken the time to read the legislation (or even the first page of the legislation), she would have discovered the legislation defines "quote-unquote" fetal remains (my emphasis).
"Fetal remains" means a dead fetus or part of a dead fetus that has completed at least 10 weeks of gestation or has reached the stage of development that, upon visual inspection of the fetus or part of the fetus, the head, torso, or extremities appear to be supported by skeletal or cartilaginous structures. Fetal remains do not include the umbilical cord or placenta.
So, in other words, abortionists don't have to do "special things" to dispose of the remains of unborn children killed before 10 weeks who don't have visible body parts after being killed.

Marcotte's gripe with the legislation is completely empty. Whoops.

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