Monday, March 08, 2010

Who needs facts? We've got Marcotte!

In her never ending crusade to prove she can't string two honest and logical sentences about abortion together, Amanda Marcotte posts this gem.
There’s no word for that but “lie”. The only thing the Stupak amendment does is prevents women from using their own money to buy insurance.
Really? Then why does the Stupak amendment specifically allow women who would have federally subsidized insurance to buy a separate rider (with their own non-federally-subsidized money) for abortion coverage?

Marcotte continues:
The original plan to keep the status quo was to make it so none of the federal subsidies that went to insurance companies would go to abortion, but Stupak has banned individuals receiving federal funding from using their own money to pay for abortion insurance.
Wrong again. They can use their own money to pay for abortion insurance. They just need to use their own money to buy a non-federally-subsidized rider.

Also, the status quo isn't that the federal government subsidizes health care plans which include abortion coverage.

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