Friday, March 26, 2010

Life Links 3/26/10

In the UK, a teenager named James Chattaway is on trial for stomping his girlfriend on stomach after she changed her mind and decided not to have an abortion.
James Chattaway and Daisy Glazebrook were shocked when their two-year romance resulted in an unexpected pregnancy, and they arranged for a termination.

But Chattaway became incensed when she sent him a text message saying she had changed her mind.

He then went to her home in Winds Point, Hagley, where he climbed in through a window and attacked her on the doorstep - stamping on her stomach.

In Louisiana, abortion clinic protesters are calling for the state's Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) to do more to punish an abortion clinic where investigators found numerous problems. Alan Levine, the secretary of the DHH, says state law doesn't give him enough authority.
DHH investigators found a number of faults, such as facility workers failing to follow proper techniques when pre-filling syringes by storing them in non-sterile zip lock bags. This failure put patients at risk of bacterial and septic infection, the report claimed. Investigators also found the clinic failed to properly document and monitor vital signs when a patient is sedated.

DHH also criticized Delta officials for not reporting to law enforcement when they treated a handful of minor girls and finding out if their partners were over the age of 18. State law forbids men over the age of 18 from having sex with partners under the age of 18.

The Washington Post Voices blog reports on President Obama's executive order signing.
As Galston notes, the president's decision to sign the order did not drive a single pro-choice lawmaker to vote against it, suggesting that the substance of the letter was less important than its symbolic value.

An abortion clinic protester in Ohio was acquitted by a jury after being charged with assaulting an abortion supporter.

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