Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupak gets played

I’m still having trouble believing that Bart Stupak put himself, his staff and his family through that process and decided that the promise of an executive order (which both National Right to Life and Americans United for Life says does little to ensure federal funds won’t be spent on abortion) from Barack Obama was good enough. Why he would have spent so much effort in the past months to get abortion out of health care only to fold?

Did Pelosi fool him into thinking they had the votes without him? Why would Stupak say, “I do believe they had the votes even before” at his Sunday press conference? The 219 total shows they didn’t have the votes without Stupak and his allies. But come on, if they really had the votes without you, do you think they would have really been putting forth so much effort to get you?

If Planned Parenthood is still supporting the legislation and is calling Obama’s executive order “a symbolic gesture,” it’s difficult to believe Stupak actually thinks the executive order solves the abortion problems in the Senate bill. Even NARAL couldn’t call for the bill to be defeated.

Also, extremely disappointing - Democrats for Life. This statement is embarrassing. Seriously??
"Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) applauds President Obama for his bold leadership in agreeing to an Executive Order that bans taxpayer funded abortions in the health care reform bill expected to pass the House this evening."
Why not stand up and praise the prolife Democrats like Dan Lipinski who stood their principled ground and voted against this bill?

I’ve known some people on my local level who were active in Democrats for Life and sometimes it seemed like they were more interested in trying to get prolife organizations to include Democrat priorities (like universal health care) in their agendas as opposed to attempting to get the Democratic Party to change it’s position on the life issue.

I thought Bart Stupak was different. I was wrong. He went from hero to zero in less than a day.

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