Monday, January 04, 2010

Pushing tax-funded abortion = The cure to pro-choice ills?

Frances Kissling, former head of Catholics for a Free Choice, has a piece on Alternet which attempts to be a battle cry for overturning the Hyde Amendment.

She basically blames the pro-choice movement for not focusing enough attention on Hyde and thinks Hyde passed because pro-choicers were too busy fighting to prevent the Human Life Amendment from passing. She laments that it doesn’t appear that health care reform will pay for the abortions of women on Medicaid.

After reading it, I’m left wondering how Kissling thinks the overturning of the Hyde Amendment is going to happen. She calls on legislators to introduce such a measure and pro-choice PACs not to support candidates unless they co-sponsor this legislation but she doesn’t seem to grasp that the pro-choice movement doesn’t have the votes to repeal the Hyde Amendment.

On one hand she laments how the health care reform debate hasn’t been a sad story for abortion advocates but somehow she thinks pushing for federally-funded abortions is going to “help build the base of support needed to save legal abortion in the United States.”


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Please stop calling abortionists "pro-choice". It plays right into their hands.

  2. Anonymous,
    Who are you referring to as "abortionists?"

    I typically find that individuals who favor legal abortion don't respond favorably to people who call them "abortionists."

    It's extremely difficult to influence others when you're calling them names they dislike.