Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Life Links 1/5/10

A new Rasmussen poll finds that 53% of Americans favor a ban on abortion coverage in any health insurance plan0 which gets federal subsidies.
Earlier polling on the abortion issue, using a different question, found similar results. Just over half support the abortion ban, while 13% want mandatory coverage of abortion.

The New York Times has an article on the growth of the prolife movement in South Korea among doctors who formerly performed illegal abortions.
In a country where abortion is both widespread and, with few exceptions, against the law, Dr. Choi and Dr. Shim are hoping to force South Korea’s first serious public discussion of the ethics of the procedure. In November, they and dozens of other obstetricians held a news conference to ask “forgiveness” for having performed illegal abortions.

The group they formed, Gynob, has called on other doctors to declare whether they have performed illegal abortions. In December they set up another organization, Pro-Life Doctors, which tries to discourage women from having abortions and runs a hot line to report clinics that perform them illegally. This month, they plan to begin reporting practitioners of such abortions to the police.

In the UK, the General Medical Counsel is having hearings regarding the case of Dr Saroj Adlakha, a doctor who took her teenage daughter to Spain for an abortion at 31 weeks.
Records allegedly show that Adlakha contacted the Ginemedex Clinic to book an appointment and bought airline tickets to Barcelona days after her daughter was turned away from the Calthorpe Clinic.

She told her practice receptionist that she could lose her license for helping her daughter arrange the abortion after returning from Spain, the tribunal heard.

"She must have been very well aware of the seriousness and the potential consequences to her as a doctor," Heather Norton, representing the GMC, told the tribunal.

"The mere fact, we would suggest, that Dr Adlakha had to take her daughter out of the jurisdiction to obtain a termination, strongly suggests that, whether correctly or not, Dr Adlakha believed that it would not have been possible to obtain a lawful termination in this country."

On Britain's Celebrity Big Brother, former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss apparently said, "Thank God for abortion."


  1. The poll was probably misworded. If it says "Do you favor paying for abortion with your taxes" that's a fake question. Abortions save more than they cost, so the HONEST question would be: "Do you favor SAVING MONEY AND LOWERING TAXES by having government provide abortions?"

  2. Do you have a link that demonstrates the poll was worded as you suggest, OC? And you misunderstand the issue if you think the reason people don't want their tax dollars paying for abortion is because they're thinking purely of economic cost.

  3. Bmmg (how do you pronounce that--"bumming"?):

    If you want to keep abortion out of the health-care plan, well that's your position, but you should SAY that you want that even though keeping abortion out will make the plan more expensive.

    What bothers me is the dishonesty. Right-to-lifers are saying "they're gonna tax you and use your tax dollars to pay for abortions!" Well, actually, paying for abortions will make the plan CHEAPER. It won't be an abortion-tax; it'll be an abortion tax-CUT.

    Your true position is "We should pay EXTRA in order to keep abortion out of the plan, because our pro-life values are WORTH paying an extra ten grand to the tax man each year!". You should SAY SO. See how many americans support you when you state your position honestly. THAT'S the poll I wanna see.

  4. "It won't be an abortion-tax; it'll be an abortion tax-CUT."

    -- by killing somebody. Yeah. That's rather the point of the opposition.