Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sam Sedaei’s Sock-Puppet

I got the following comment from a “Tyson” on a post I did a while back discussing this Huffington Post column by Sam Sedaei.
Well, we are all conservatives. But as a pro-life conservative, I have to say Sam has made some quite strong points in support of choice, none of which any of you guys seem to be able to address directly. Gotta give it to him.

The comment sounded absolutely nonsensical coming from a “pro-life conservative.” I also found it odd that the comment was left on post from 4 months ago.

Why would some random prolife conservative named “Tyson” find my post after all this time and then claim Sam Sedaei made some strong points when every prolife conservative I know wouldn’t accept Sam’s ignorant arguments about whether the unborn are living human beings?

Then I checked the e-mail address ( provided by “Tyson” and low and behold, it belongs to Sam Sedaei.

So instead of attempting to defend his arguments in favor of legal abortion, Sam Sedaei choose to use a sockpuppet.

That's really weak Sam.

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