Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Judge Sotomayor Links

The Case Against Sotomayor from the New Republic's Jeffrey Rosen.

Pro-choice blogger Jill Filipovic discusses Sotomayor's single ruling on an abortion-related case and writes, "her conclusion isn't going to warm the hearts of reproductive rights activists."

Sotomayor wouldn't accept the Center for Reproductive Rights' argument that the Mexico City policy (preventing U.S. funds from going to organizations who provide and promote abortion overseas) violated their free speech rights based on previous rulings.

When I read AUL's brief descriptions of the Obama's possible nominees, Sotomayor sounded like the individual who appeared the least likely to be a strong abortion advocate.

The SCOTUS Blog has a post on Sotomayor's appelate opinion in civil cases.

Ed Whelan reviewed how Sotomayor's ruling fared when appealed to the Supreme Court in October of 2008.

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