Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Life Links 5/5/09

Mary Cannon reminds us of Jack Kemp's prolife convictions in a piece in the Weekly Standard.

Scott Boie has been sentenced to nearly 10 years in jail after being found guilty of attempting to force his wife to miscarry after putting misoprostol (one of the drugs used in RU-486 abortions) into her food. He was found not guilty of killing his unborn child. It appears the jury couldn't be sure his actions caused the death of the child after his defense attorneys noted his wife's history of smoking and troubled pregnancies in the past.

Ed Whelan highlights a couple of rulings by possible Supreme Court pick Diane Wood in the case of NOW vs. Scheidler.
Might Wood have been driven to such mischief by what President Obama would laud as her own “deepest values,” her “core concerns,” and the “depth and breadth”—and focus—of her “empathy”? Well, consider that in its editions from 1996 to 2005, Sullivan’s Judicial Profiles stated that Wood was a member of NOW, the lead plaintiff in the litigation, and of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Chicago, part of the plaintiff class of abortion clinics.

A woman named June Hartley has been arrested and charged with assisted suicide after allegedly assisting in the suicide of her brother. She has pleaded not guilty even though she doesn't deny helping in his death. Hartley was joined in the courtroom by about 75 supporters, many of them from her church.

A Catholic church in New Jersey has replaced their prolife signs after they were defced several times.
Police have made no arrests in the December vandalism incident and Gerling isn't looking to throw the culprit or culprits in jail.

"Our intention is not to arrest anybody," he said. "The person who did it needs our prayers."

Gerling said he believes the signs were defaced by someone who has had a personal experience with abortion in some fashion.

Prolifers in Spain will be touring the country with buses to educate the public about abortion and efforts to liberalize their nation's abortion laws.

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