Monday, November 03, 2008

New, misleading commercials from the Proposal 2 proponents

The “Hope” commercial says, “Yes is the only way to unlock cures thru stem cell research. For Alzheimer’s. For Juvenile Diabetes. Only yes can mean the hope of finding cures for cancer, sickle-cell anemia, spinal cord injuries.”

The “Act” commercial says, “Do you want to say yes to finding a cure to cancer? Do you want to say yes to finding a cure for Parkinson’s? Do you want to say yes to finding a cure for juvenile diabetes? Because when you vote yes on Proposal 2, that’s exactly what you’re saying.”

Words can’t describe how evil these ads are. Unfortunately, the Detroit media is so in the tank for Proposal 2, I don’t expect any outlet to call them out on these obviously deceptive commercials. Allowing the destruction of human embryos in Michigan instead of importing out-of-state cell lines isn’t the magical solutions to cancer. The folks in charge of “Cure Michigan” know Proposal 2 won’t help researchers in Michigan get anywhere closer to cures. They don’t care if they give false hope to millions of families because they really don’t care that much about people who are suffering. They just want to use them.

Look at this video message from a paralyzed young woman named Laura Jackson. This poor girl has been completely fooled into thinking Proposal 2 has the answer for her paralysis. If the people at Cure Michigan really cared about Laura they wouldn’t be filling her head with false promises and using her injury to promote their desire to experiment on human embryos.

What’s going to happen if Proposal 2 passes and the “cures” to cancer, Alzheimer’s, juvenile diabetes, spinal cord injuries and Parkinson’s are no where to be found? Will Michigan residents remember how they were fooled?

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