Monday, November 03, 2008

Life Links 11/3/08

Gerard Bradley discusses Barack Obama’s position on the “other life” issue: embryo-destructive research (EDR).
When we turn to EDR and take a serious look at what Obama is determined to do, we are looking into the abyss. The express and unequivocal aspiration of embryonic-stem-cell researchers is to create a bank of cell lines that are both diverse genetically (for purposes of avoiding immune-rejection issues) and disease-specific (for purposes of studying all avenues of regenerative therapies). Realizing these aspirations will require the use and destruction of millions — and perhaps tens of millions — of human embryos. All of these tiny people will be created in a laboratory, experimented upon, and killed.....

Obama also cosponsored the misleadingly titled “Human Cloning Ban Act of 2005" which, if passed, would have protected cloning for bio-medical research, and would have required the destruction of all human embryos created by cloning, subject to federal criminal sanction for failing to do so. (As a member of the Illinois state senate Obama voted against a ban on all human cloning.) Most shocking, Obama voted against a bill in the United States Senate that would have increased funding for the new forms of stem-cell research that do not require the use and destruction of human embryos, despite the extraordinary promise of that research to do what proponents of EDR have said EDR will do. It should be emphasized that Obama opposed funding this humane alternative to EDR even though the bill did not decrease or any way preclude funding for EDR.

Robert George writes about when life begins and the political opposition to admitting the obvious answer.
In view of the established facts of human embryogenesis and early intrauterine development, the real question is not whether human beings in the embryonic and fetal stages are human beings. Plainly they are. The question is whether we will honor or abandon our civilizational and national commitment to the equal worth and dignity of all human beings — even the smallest, youngest, weakest, and most vulnerable.

Wonkette has a post which disgustingly jokes about Trig Palin and abortion after his parents dressed him up for Halloween as an elephant. Wesley Smith has the details.

A doctor in the UK named Edward Erin has been charged with “attempting to unlawfully administer a poison or other noxious thing” after allegedly putting abortion-inducing drugs into his girlfriend’s drinks. The attempts happened 9 months ago and the mother gave birth to a healthy boy about a month ago.

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