Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alex, I'll take Cowardly Canadian Colleges for $400.

This public Canadian university is threatening to arrest and discipline students for showing images of aborted children alongside images of victims of the Holocaust.

What is the University of Calgary?

This display and the conversation it brings could probably help the level of discourse if Heather Dunphy's pathetic prolifers-are-wrong-because-they're-all-men letter to the editor is any indication of the kind of arguments pro-choicers are bringing to the table. I mean, who cares if the images are true and innocent, developing human beings are being killed if most of people against killing them are men? Ms. Dunphy's letter certainly isn't the best advertisement for parents hoping their children will learn basic reasoning skills at the University of Calgary.

And what's with this nonsensical quote from Moira McQueen of the Canadian Catholic Bioethics Institute at the end of the National Post article?
"It's such a different reality," said Ms. McQueen, who opposes abortion. "The Holocaust was so specific and dreadful. And abortion is international and not a society choice. I do know there are some people who think of abortion as a compassionate act. I don't [think] anyone would agree that killing Jewish people was a compassionate thing to do."
If this is an accurate quote, I'm wondering if the CCBI might need someone with a greater ability to think clearly on staff. I'm struggling to see why anything of what she says would lead someone who opposes abortion to think it's inappropriate to put pictures of aborted children next to Holocaust victims. How does the fact that some people think abortion is a compassionate act void its comparison to the Holocaust and other genocides?

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