Monday, August 04, 2008

The Truth on Obama and Infanticide Doesn’t Matter to Media Matters

The front page of Media Matters is linking to this page which claims Jerome Corsi is making false claims regarding Barack Obama’s position on legislation designed to protect children who survive abortions. Here’s their incredibly weak defense for Obama’s actions:
In making the false assertion about Obama's position -- Obama has of course never supported giving people the right to kill their children -- Corsi was also misrepresenting the legislation to which he was referring, a bill amending the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975. Opponents of the bill said the legislation was unnecessary as the Illinois criminal code unequivocally prohibits killing children, and said that it posed a threat to abortion rights.

So because opponents of the legislation disagreed with the legislation, that’s somehow evidence that Jerome Corsi isn’t telling the truth?? Great research there, huh?

These Media Matters staffers can’t get away from the shrines to Obama long enough to know that Obama voted multiple times on multiple attempts to insure abortion survivors were given basic rights. It wasn't just one bill, it was multiple bills over multiple years. They also seem unaware that the Illinois Born-Alive law was passed in 2005 and didn’t do anything to effect whether abortion was legal or not in Illinois.

Considering other lame attempts to defend Obama on this issue, I’m not surprised.

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