Thursday, August 07, 2008

Life Links 8/7/08

In the Mercury News, Patty Fisher argues that an attempt to enact parental notification in California is problematic because the initiative is named after a 15-girl from Texas who was in a common-law marriage. She then goes on to claim pro-choicers could tell their own stories like the one about “The Indiana girl who died from an illegal abortion because she was afraid to tell her parents.”

Except that “Indiana girl” is Becky Bell and her tragic death wasn’t from an illegal abortion. What’s amazing is for all the talk pro-choicers make about how dangerous parental involvement laws are, I’ve never seen them come up with one actual case where a minor was killed by an illegal abortion because she didn’t want to tell her parents.

In the Ottawa Citizen, Margaret Somerville shares the story of a pregnant woman who is carrying a child who supposedly has a number fatal abnormalities.
As I am writing this letter, the little one in my womb is moving around, kicking his mother, and hopefully enjoying a refreshing swim. I am told that he knows no pain, and that while he is in the uterus, he is as safe as can be. I walk him every day, talk to him often, and pray for him always. I tell you this because I want you to know that, despite the grim outlook described above, I am carrying this baby as long as he will let me, and will not be the killing hand. After his birth, if he lives longer than a few days, my husband and I will let ourselves be advised by doctors, but do not intend to extend extraordinary means to keep our little one alive (as hard as that will be). Our prayer is simple: That we will get to meet our little one, tell him that we love him, and watch him fall deep into a sleep that will bring him to heaven.

The New York Times has an article on the how Obama’s position on abortion will weigh on the minds of Catholics in the presidential election.

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