Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life Links 8/20/08

Yuval Levin reads and reviews Representative Diane DeGette's book so you don't have to. It's amazing how little the chief sponsor of the bills attempting to overturn President Bush's policy on embryonic stem cell research knows about stem cell research.
This complete inability to comprehend the arguments of her opponents characterizes DeGette’s depictions of all the political struggles she describes in the book. Nowhere does she actually discuss what the other side might be arguing, or indeed what her own ethical premises might be. Indeed, she revels in her ignorance of the opposing arguments. “Because the right wing’s objections were at least consistent, I never gave them much thought,” she tells us. That much is certainly clear from the book.
Levin also dissects the various attempts to defend Obama's Born Alive votes in the recent New York Times article on the controversy.

For the Didn't-We-Already-Know-That? file - Scientific American has an article entitled "Body May Reject Transplanted Human Embryonic Stem Cells."
Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine found that mice mounted an immune response after being injected with human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). The result: all the transplanted stem cells—which hold the promise of maturing into several different types of tissue—were dead within a week.....

"[This result is] not a disappointment, it's more of a reality check," Wu says. "I think there's some promise [to hESCs], but you don't want to be foolish and say these cells are going to cure things in the next five years."

Stephen Waldman has the "real story" regarding the Democratic Party's abortion plank. What I found most interesting is that the pro-choice members of the platform committee wouldn't accept language which, as Waldman puts it, "encourages and supports women who choose to have the baby" until language which "beef(ed) up" the platform's language defending legal abortion was added. Since when did it become controversial to encourage and support women who want to have a baby?

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