Friday, September 14, 2007

Life Links 9/14/07

Walter Weber comments on the New Jersey Supreme Court's recent ruling in An Abortionist's Right to Deceive Women.

What happens when Planned Parenthood doesn't get their way? They sue. I don't know why but I'm continually amazed at the nerve of this organization. To actually state, "The City of Aurora's fig leaf argument that it was 'misled' about the nature of the services that Planned Parenthood intends to provide at its facility is neither factually nor legally persuasive" when they intentionally lied on application forms, would beyond belief for nearly anyone but Planned Parenthood.

Eric Johnston believes Rudy Giuliani would be the "most effective advocate for the pro-life cause" because he's pro-choice and not that religious.
Only a constitutionalist who supports abortion rights can create an anti-Roe majority by explaining that the end of Roe means letting the people decide, state by state, about abortion.
Huh? That's just not true. Why can't a prolife constitutionalist correctly explain what overturning Roe would do? Hasn't Fred Thompson done that?
Pro-lifers care about many important policy questions related to abortion, and Mr. Giuliani consistently stands with us.
Really? Please provide some examples besides his recent flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment. Like maybe... the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research? The Mexico City policy?

Here's an article on Dr. Denise Faustman and her work to cure diabetes without embryonic stem cells.

Cornell researchers are growing human ovaries and human eggs in lab mice.

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