Monday, September 24, 2007

Defending "rundown" abortion clinics

It's a daunting task but Ann Friedman is stepping up to defend the general rundownedness of the exteriors of abortion clinics. Apparently, prolifers are the reason some abortionists can't put up a fresh coat of paint.
It's tough to see a run-down abortion clinic, with high concrete walls and peeling paint, next to a sparkling new "crisis-pregnancy center." But the bottom line is that it's really, really expensive to provide actual medical care.
Yeah, assuming that charging $400 to forcibly dilate a cervix and vacuum an unborn child out of a uterus is "actual medical care." I wonder why a plethora of abortionists (including those that aren't involved in lawsuits with Planned Parenthood attorneys) have this problem while other facilities (such as hospitals) which actually provide medical care usually look kept up.

Ann continues,
And it's cheap to run an office-slash-misinformation center. Roll one ultrasound machine in, buy some beige furniture and, bam, you're done. Lots of money left over to spend on the landscaping.
And it's cheap to run an abortion clinic. Roll in an ultrasound machine, some exam tables with stirrups, some recliners for the recovery room, a suction machine, and start aborting children. You can even ignore the state's abortions laws.

At the end of this article,I'm wondering what it would take for a pro-choice blogger to not defend a legal abortion facility. When two clinics in New Jersey got shut down for various health violations, not a peep of disgust for the "blood-stained operating tables." They constantly evoke women dying after illegal abortions but when legal abortions kill women, they look the other way.

Remember this is the same Ann Friedman who attended the Blogs4Life conference, sat next to my 29-year-old wife and I, and claimed
"the majority of anti-choice bloggers, judging by the attendance, are 50-year-old men, several of whom brought their young sons along. Nearly every younger woman I noticed there was attending as a reporter..."

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