Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Question for 24 Addicts

Where has Agent Curtis Manning gone? Approximately three hours ago, Jack carried Bierko (the lead terrorist) out of an explosion, gave him to Manning and asked Manning to take Bierko to CTU Medical for treatment and interrogation.

I haven't seen Manning since. It's like he completely disappeared. I have seen Bierko (or at least the guy who plays him), however. He was on Law and Order: Criminal Intent a week or so ago.

So where is Manning? It only took Jack like five minutes to get to the gas distribution center via helicopter so it can't be too far from CTU via car. Is Manning questioning Bierko back at CTU and the show's directors thought that questioning of the lead terrorist was somehow unimportant?

Did he go home and catch up on some Zs after bringing Bierko in?

Did President Logan have Manning's SUV held up at a check point so Bierko couldn't be questioned?

Did Bierko somehow wake up, knockout or kill Manning and escape?

Will Manning be back on the show this season or will the directors just never mention Jack's top wingman for the rest of the season and expect us to accept this?

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