Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Dave Andrusko: "To (Cristina) Page, the real reason you and I object to ripping the heads off of unborn babies is not because we find this a stomach-turning abridgement of basic human rights and a betrayal of our nation's best impulses, but rather because we are afraid of sex. This simple-minded putdown represents the ultimate one-explanation-fits-all strategy, which, for Page, also has the wonderful effect of eliminating the need to take ANYTHING we say seriously."

Karen Bodle: "I was in denial over the truth of abortion for over 20 years."

Random abortion clinic worker to a woman struggling with whether to have an abortion at around 7 weeks (my emphasis): "I know there's a lot of information on the internet about fetal growth, etc, so you probably have this picture in your head of an actual "baby" growing inside you. While later in your pregnancy, that'd certainly be more accurate, you have to realize that at this point, your pregnancy isn't even fetal. Fetal growth does not begin until the 8th week of gestation. Your pregnancy now is a tiny sac, the size of a peanut, with some liquid on the inside."
Just some liquid, huh?

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