Thursday, March 02, 2006

Unbiased reporter redux

Not only did Marie Claire reporter Siobhan O'Connor leave a message at the blog of an abortion provider looking "for young women 18-35 who have been deceived by" crisis pregnancy centers, she also sent an e-mail to the National Network of Abortion Funds, which in turn sent the suggestion out to their e-mail list.

Who else is betting NARAL, NOW and NAF all got similar e-mails from Ms. O'Connor. I'm still waiting for National Right to Life to receive an e-mail asking for the stories of women who have been deceived by abortion clinics.


  1. What's particularly telling is how much trouble she seems to be having rounding up enough tales of woe. It'd take me all of a day's work to get hundreds of tales of woe from women lied to by abortion clinics.

  2. Oh -- Here's her email. If anybody has an experience with a CPC, send it to her. Just be honest -- say you heard she was doing a "balanced article" on women's experiences with prolife pregnancy centers, so you're sending your story.

  3. Ar! Email here:

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    Thanks for the update, J!

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