Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just Plain Stupid

If you think pro-choice organizations are desperately seeking to prevent John Roberts from sitting on the Supreme Court but are shooting with blanks, you're right. Here's the proof - NARAL's Exterme Makeover: Supreme Court Edition.

For those few people who actually still trust NARAL, it seems that if John Roberts is confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court the following things will occur:

Members of the U.S. Supreme Court will sleep in your bed (it could be a tight squeeze - Scalia likes his donuts), your birth control pills will be taken away (but of course - that's the prolife movement's #1 target), George Bush and the government will prevent you from talking to your children about sex (wait - you're telling me I wasn't delivered by a stork?), Karl Rove will control what newspapers print (Pssst... He already does), and Pat Robertson will control your television remote ("The 700 Club" anyone?).

Do they really think that anyone takes them seriously anymore?

If you want to stop the extreme makeover, you'll come to a page that describes John Roberts as a "right-wing judicial activist" who has "spent his career advocating ending the right to choose."

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