Monday, July 25, 2011

UK premie born before 24 weeks goes home

The Telegraph has a story on Jacob McMahon, a premature infant who was recently allowed to go home after spending the first four months after his birth in the hospital. Jacob was born at 23 weeks and weighted 1 lb. 4 oz. His parents were told to consider abortion after his twin died.
His birth came even earlier than Amelia Hope Burden, whose premature arrival after 23 weeks and two days last July prompted calls for the limit to be reduced.

Although he still has to be constantly attached to an oxygen supply because his lungs are so small, Jacob has grown to 7lb 3oz and doctors say his health is steadily improving.

His mother said: “It feels surreal being home. It is a day that was not spoken of because we thought it would never happen.

"We couldn't believe it when doctors told us we had to consider abortion. They told us I had an infection and that he wouldn't survive. They gave us 24 hours to decide whether we wanted to take a tablet that could stop his heart.

"We did not want to do that but luckily that decision was taken away from us when I went into labour at midnight."

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