Friday, July 08, 2011

D.C. now says it paid for 300 abortions

The AP has an article which claims Washington, D.C. paid for approximately 300 abortions (at a cost of $185K) in the 8 1/2 months after D.C. started using tax funds to pay for abortions until the Dornan amendment was reinstated. It took the city almost a year to start paying for abortions after it was originally overturned. The AP got their information from the city after filing a Freedom of Information Act request.
The number of abortions the city now says it paid for contrasts with previous statements.

In May, Mayor Vincent Gray reported to Congress that the city had paid about $62,000 to provide 117 abortions to women whose health care was covered by Medicaid and the D.C. HeathCare Alliance, programs serving low-income residents. The mayor's office said Thursday in an email that the discrepancy reflects the fact bills were not submitted on time, but that 300 procedures was the correct number. City spokeswoman Doxie McCoy said that the exact number of abortions the city paid for could still rise because claims are still being processed.

I'm still wondering if this number is low based on the roundness of the number and the claims that 28 women had to have their abortions rescheduled in one day at one D.C. abortion clinic after tax dollars stopped funding abortions.

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