Thursday, July 07, 2011

Life Links 7/7/11

Some local media outlets have covered the attack on abortion protester Bud Shaver in Albuquerque by a post-abortive woman.
APD said a criminal summons will be filed for the woman in the video.

She will be charged with one count of aggravated battery and one count of battery.

APD expects those charges to be filed on Thursday and at that point they will release the woman's name.

An Oregon judge will order a pregnant woman who was arrested for damaging a hotel room to be committed to a mental health facility. The woman requested an abortion and police suspect she was trying to set herself on fire when she was damaging the hotel.
On Wednesday, Collins issued a magistrate's hold ordering the county's civil commitment investigator, Todd Sprague, to evaluate Burkholder's mental status. He issued a report, which Collins relied on to order her to a mental health facility. She will leave Thursday morning.

The decision regarding the abortion will be left up to doctors at the new facility. Collins declined to say which facility she would move to.

Don't see a mainstream media headline like this too often: "Pro-abortion group asks judge to block Texas sonogram law"

A teenager may face feticide charges after crashing her car into a tree and killing a passenger's unborn child at 36-weeks. She told authorities she had been drinking before the accident.

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  1. I don't think pressing charges against the post-abortion woman is necessarily the right thing to do. A call out with an offer of counseling would be a better witness.

    Still, I wasn't the one attacked so it's not my call.