Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pro-choice Missouri State Rep: Prolifers to blame for Black on Black violence

Via RH Reality Check's Robin Marty (who apparently thinks the editorial is persuasive), I had the pleasure of reading this editorial by Missouri State Representative Tishaura O. Jones. It's a doozy.
I was a patient there because my mother (who is now deceased) told me that the best place for a young woman's reproductive health was Planned Parenthood. If she had not given me that sage advice, I wouldn't be alive today.
Ummmm.... not if you had just received your reproductive health care from a regular doctor who would have found the pre-cancerous cells on your cervix as well.
In my own house, I am pro-life. As a black woman and a mother, I can decide what's best for my body and for my child. But who am I to tell someone else what's best for her?

That's why I am pro-choice for everyone else. Abortion is a moral decision that's best decided between a woman, her doctor and God, or whomever she chooses to worship.
Why are you "prolife" in your house? Is there something morally wrong with abortion? Does it kill a "child?" If there's something wrong with abortion (like maybe it kills a human child?), don't we often tell others not to do things (like killing human children) which are morally wrong?
Missouri's laws that would further restrict abortion have no place in my bedroom or my uterus. Those same Bible-toting, scripture-quoting extremists who think that Roe v. Wade should be overturned are the same people who claim to care about black babies, which is utter nonsense.

If you care about black babies, why do they make up 25 percent of the more than 10,000 children in the foster care system, according to the Missouri Department of Social Services?
One, 25% of the children in Missouri foster care system aren't black babies. They're black children of various ages (the average age is 10) who are in foster care for a variety of reasons relating to their parents' inability to raise them. How that is the fault of prolifers is never explained by Jones.
If you care about black babies, why are urban school districts crumbling?
Maybe the urban school administrators aren't very good. Maybe the teachers have given up? There could be hundreds of reasons. Again, how on earth do allegedly bad urban school districts prove prolifers don't care about black babies?
If you care about black babies, why is Missouri No. 1 in crimes committed against black men?
Well, unless prolifers are the ones who are committing crimes against black men, I'm struggling to see how any sane person could think prolifers are responsible or at fault for black men being killed (78% by someone they know in Missouri and9 out of 10 by another black individual).

What prolifers can't care about black babies unless they solve Black on Black crime in Missouri?

She then goes on to call prolife billboards in Missouri racist.

The scariest part. This woman is the assistant minority floor leader.

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