Monday, July 11, 2011

Pennsylvania abortion clinic cited for various violations

One of Steven Brigham's abortion clinics in Pennsylvania has been cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Health for various violations. Brigham had previously transferred "ownership" to a dummy corporation after a July 2010 order to prevent him from having a controlling stake in abortion clinics.
Allentown Medical Services at 2200 Hamilton St. was cited recently for preparing to use unsterilized instruments on patients, having drugs and single-use devices that were past their expiration dates and for splattering blood on the walls and on the floor of a scrub room freezer, according to a state Department of Health report recently made public.....

It noted that in two "procedure rooms," an employee showed inspectors dozens of metal devices used in abortions that had been sterilized, but not wrapped to maintain sterility. Nine packages of surgical instruments, the report said, "had an accumulation of brown debris in the hinge areas and brown staining on the inside of the packages." An employee, who was unnamed, "confirmed that these surgical instruments were considered sterile and ready for patient use."


The report said: Other instruments were stored in dirty containers. A freezer for infectious waste in a scrub room was splattered and smeared with blood and the bottom of the freezer was coated with a "thick layer" of frozen blood.

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