Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Abortion docs in Pittsburgh busted for illegally providing pills to staffer

From an AP story:
Two doctors at a Pittsburgh abortion clinic gave hundreds of prescription diet pills over several years to a staffer seeking to treat anxiety and depression, state authorities said Tuesday in charging the three and a former registered nurse not affiliated with the clinic.

Providing the drugs was illegal because the doctors did not have a clinical relationship with the staffer, Mark Wagner, 48, and therefore abused their Drug Enforcement Administration licenses to dispense prescription medications, Attorney General Linda Kelly said.

Over 3 years, the abortionists allowed the clinic director to order pills for Wagner whenever he wanted them, totaling more than 20,000. Wagner didn't pay for drugs, which were viewed as a form of compensation. Wagner also sold the drugs to a friend. Neither abortionist monitored how many drugs were being ordered.

A story in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a couple of additional details.
Miller said she thought Wagner was taking the pills for anxiety and depression issues, the complaint said. Miller could not explain the discrepancy when investigators pointed out that usage for three years would account for only 6,480 of the 18,400 tablets ordered.

When confronted by investigators, Wagner admitted sharing the tablets with Kane, a friend and former nurse, the complaint said.

Kane recently bought six bottles -- with 100 tablets in each -- from Wagner for $1,000, the complaint said. She said she used the medication to control her weight, but her doctor didn't know about it and most likely wouldn't prescribe it to her, the complaint said.
Here's the press release from the Attorney General's office.

From the abortion clinic's web site (very basic with cheesy graphic and wall paper) and prices listed it seems like this is a low-end clinic.

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