Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Links 7/13/11

NPR has a piece on surgery to correct spina bifida in the womb.
A few more staples and they had opened a small window, about 3 inches across, in the uterus.

"And here's the fetal bottom," Adzick said.

It was an amazing sight — the 6-inch-long fetus, its back facing up into the glare of the surgical lights.....

At this point, neurosurgeon Sutton stepped up to the table to help do the crucial part of the operation. He cut into the sac and spinal fluid gushed out. Adzick pointed out the hole underneath.

"The spinal cord is right there. It's like a tiny ribbon of tissue," he said. "It's a little bit yellowish, and there's a little bloodstaining there."

The hole was only about an inch across. Sutton needed magnifying lenses to stitch it up, using a curved needle.

The Washington Post has a piece on abortion activist Julie Burkhart's drive to open an abortion clinic in Wichita. Some prolifers appear to be taking Burkhart's efforts more seriously than Mila Means' but not Operation Rescue's Troy Newman.
Julie Burkhart, now executive director of the St. Louis-based lobbying group Trust Women, said Tuesday she hopes to open a clinic that offers first-trimester abortions and other women’s health services in Wichita in about a year. The group is trying to recruit a qualified doctor......

Newman dismissed Burkhart as “pretty much irrelevant.”

“There are doers and there are talkers. Doers are the abortionists and then there are the talkers, they are just the proponents ... Julie Burkhart is just a low-level talker, that’s all she is.”

Noemie Emery in the Washington Examiner on how "choice" language has quieted pro-choicers when it comes to sex-selection abortion:
Why not? It's a "choice" -- and choices, of course, must never be questioned, no matter to what ends they lead. Late-term abortion? Terrific. Infant dismemberment? Hardly a problem. Sequential abortion? No problem there.

Abortion as a tool to dispose of unwanted girl children? Now, this is a problem, but liberals have surrendered the right and the standing to make moral judgments. They have found now a choice they despise, and they can't rail against it. Who would listen to them holding forth on this issue? What in the world would they say?

Ready to fight over a word, wink or whistle, they have no words at all for all those dead females. They are strangled and silenced by "choice."

The Times of India discusses how even though sex-selection abortion in India is illegal, it is difficult to prosecute.
So what makes it difficult for sexdetermination cases to be detected or prosecuted ? Legal experts put the blame on the "doctor-patient nexus".

"The person who goes to a doctor for sex determination and the doctor who provides the information are accomplices ," said senior criminal law counsel Nitin Pradhan . "No third person is involved . And the act is done under the shroud of secrecy . Hence , no complaints are filed in most cases."

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