Monday, April 04, 2011

Then what was it?

In a post titled, "But It Wasn't," One in One Thousand responds to my posting of her quote which noted she thought the unborn child, which she eventually aborted, looked like a baby.
The pro-lifers believe that life starts at conception. I appreciate and respect that belief, though I do not agree with it.

I can understand how a pro-life blog might balk that I saw an ultrasound that looked like a baby and that I could still make the choice to terminate the pregnancy. I appreciate that opinion, though I do not agree with it and I do not respect any individual who believes they are worthy of judging me or my decision......

Yes, seeing that ultrasound hurt then and it still hurts now, but I made the choice that was right for me. Ultimately, it looked like a baby, but it wasn't.

I wonder when One in One Thousand believes human life begins and what evidence she has to back up that view. As far as I can see, her post provides no evidence or reasoning for why she believes life begins at some other point than conception or why she believes that her second-trimester unborn child was merely "potential life."

She says she "read endlessly" on fetal development so I wonder how she thinks that something which was growing and developing wasn't alive.


  1. After reading that she was hurting from her choice, I posted a comment on her blog that I was sorry for her loss, but she didn't approve it. I guess it was too negative.

  2. She apparently didn't approve my comment regarding when she thinks life begins either.