Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abortion advocate: Lying about rape okay to get abortion

From the Abortion Gang:
In a way, Turner isn’t wrong. Women are likely to use this exception to their advantage. What Turner was horribly wrong about is the reason these women will use this exception. These are not women who have gotten to 25-30 weeks and just ‘decide’ they don’t want to be pregnant any more. These are going to be desperate women who cannot, for whatever reason, be pregnant. These are women that, without this exception in the law, will risk their own lives to abort. These are women who should not have to jump through yet another hoop to get the medical care that they have a right to. The fetus doesn’t feel pain until, at earliest, 24 weeks. Even after 24 weeks an abortion is far less painful for the fetus than birth. Women deserve the right to safe, legal abortion at any stage of the pregnancy. Women who are denied this by right-wing religious men & women have every right to use exceptions in the law to their advantage. These women have the right to say they’ve been raped so they can get their required abortion without risking their lives.
How insane do you have to be to think that third trimester abortions are less painful for a post-24 week child than birth?
There is certainly a concern when a woman falsely claims she was raped as a tool get an abortion, but we certainly shouldn’t be judging her.
Yes, because judging women is the worst thing that could ever happen. And if women lie about rape, well then it's the government's fault and they would, of course, only do it to save their lives.
We must support these women who falsely claim rape because they are doing so to save their lives. We cannot demonize them because they are only doing what the state has forced them to do by making medical decision best left to a woman and her doctor. We must look at the government and say it was their fault this woman lied about being raped because they were the ones that made medical decision best left to a doctor!

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