Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life Links 4/26/11

The Washington Post has a short story on how the Maryland Board of Physicians is investigating late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

At the National Review, Chairmaine Yoest provides 5 truths about Planned Parenthood.
The latest annual report for the affiliate Ms. Coleman headed before she assumed her current post, Planned Parenthood of Mid-Hudson Valley (PPMHV), seems to corroborate Mrs. Johnson’s claim that Planned Parenthood is increasing abortion services with an eye toward increased revenue. PPMHV is relocating its consolidated clinics to open larger and more “modern” facilities, which, notably, have “the addition of surgical abortion services.” The PPMHV report “anticipates” that these new centers will lead to “increasing our revenue and sustainability.”

A Texas bus driver who was fired after refusing to take a woman to Planned Planned was paid $21,000 by The Capital Area Rural Transportation System to settle his lawsuit against them.
System board members said they agreed to settle after determining that the cost of defending the suit could exceed the settlement amount......

After Graning was dispatched to take the women to Planned Parenthood in January 2010, he called his supervisor "and told her that, in good conscience, he could not take someone to have an abortion," his lawsuit said.

Various El Paso news outlets are covering the discovery of aborted child body parts in the parking lot of an El Paso abortion clinic.

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