Friday, April 22, 2011

Overheard: Abortion advocate Rebecca Sive on Cecile Richards' inability to defend abortion

From the Huffington Post after Cecile Richards twice dodged a question from Rachel Maddow about the importance of Planned Parenthood's abortion services.
Maddow asked you, in the face of this weak-kneed strategy, whether abortion services are worth fighting for. You dodged her question. Twice. Lucky for you, Maddow likes you, so she didn't pester you. End of interview. End of an opportunity for you to say what really needed to be said: Rachel, yes, of course you're right, as the leader of Planned Parenthood, I will fight as hard as I can for the right of American women to obtain the reproductive healthcare services they need, including abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Cecile: We're all familiar with that Beltway thing. Keep smiling; keep wearing those pearls and that pretty scarf; keep whispering sweet nothings. But: you? But: you, in these times? But: you, on this morning after? But you, daughter of a mother we revere because she was never afraid to say what time it is? Fact is, as your mother proved, over and over and over again, sometimes you've just got to give it up and be the not-so-nice girl.

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