Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Overheard: Joe Carter on abortion, the culture of me and the negation of love

From First Things:
Note that when she says “we weren’t paying attention” she isn't referring to the fact that there may be something immoral about helping women kill what they would refer to as “my baby.” No, what Keyes said the movement wasn't paying attention to was the fact that women were having painful feelings about what they were doing.

Pangs of conscience are, of course, a natural reaction to the taking of an innocent life. But while the Culture of Me can accept an unborn child being ripped from the womb, having hurt feelings about such actions are unacceptable.

The end of the Glamour article closes with a feature called, “Women tell the true story of my abortion.” Unsurprisingly, the women represented are more concerned about their own anguish than they are regretful about their decision to kill another human......

The opposite of love is the frame of mind that declares, “It's good that you not exist; it’s good that you are not in the world!” No matter what words they chose to scribble on a pink paper heart, this was the true message being spoken to the lost unborn children.

These women were informed that abortion was a reasonable choice. What no one told them was that what they were choosing was the negation of love.

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