Thursday, April 07, 2011

Overheard - Abortion advocate calls unborn "tiny cell"

One thing that may never change about the pro-choice movement is the propensity to dehumanize unborn children. Here's part of an Abortion Gang guest by Ellen Ramona:
That there is a question of choice at all says only one thing: a woman’s body is not hers to own. This message is saturated throughout our culture, where the objectification of women seeks to separate women from their bodies, while simultaneously suggesting that a woman is little more than her body. And once a fetus enters the picture, the woman nearly vanishes altogether, serving almost solely as a transportation vessel for some tiny cell.

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  1. Reality and abortion advocacy seldom go together.

    James Davison Hunter found that the more "confident in their misinformation" somebody was, there more likely that person was to self-identify as "pro-choice."

    They rely on lies and ignorance. They have to, because most people aren't keen on killing babies and injuring women.